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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Conversations For Transformation: Essays By Laurence Platt Inspired By The Ideas Of Werner Erhard, And More

Conversations for Transformation is truly amazing. It captures what is really possible when we notice and accept everything about us that is our 'human nature'.

Laurence's writing captures the true power we have over our humanity, and the joy to be had in challenging what we, by default, think is the reality of our lives.

He writes with a clarity that I find quite amazing. My favorites include "BREAKTHROUGH SKYDIVING", "100%: A New Paradigm For Relationship", and "The Friends Of The Landmark Forum".

Some of the material on the site was written as long ago as 1969, the year man first landed on the moon.

A note for those who are wondering who Werner Erhard is. I would describe him as "the father of transformation" (and likewise, the father of The Landmark Forum). It is his methodologies that, back in the 1970's, first gave people and organisations access to creating new paradigms and contexts from which to live and work.

You could say that Landmark Education, and Landmark Education Business Development, are his grandchildren.

More on Werner Erhard can be found at


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