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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Review of: Landmark Forum: Not an Answer, An Opening

"Landmark Forum: Not an Answer, An Opening" is a website created by Steve and his family about the impact that the Landmark Forum had on their lives.

It is interesting that he and his wife met while assisting on a Landmark programme. Assisting is something that is held up by people who haven't done the Landmark Forum as being wrong. To me, it is is quite simple. The Landmark Forum costs significantly less than traditional training courses, and it is because people willingly give up their time to assist with courses that this can happen.

But why ?
Because during the course, someone pointed out that there are some people who had given their time for free in order to allow the course to happen in the way that it does. Someone will have suggested that people interested in doing the same, let someone know. The participant was interested and let someone know. Simple eh?

Yes, but what's in it for them ?
Assisting is a training course in it's own right. Entirely different, but still training. People coming from all walks of life do the Landmark Forum, and in assisting, they get to step beyond themselves in supporting other people who are doing the course. There are experienced staff who lead the assisting team, so it provides a safe environment for people to take themselves on.

Typically someone who takes on assisting ends up taking on a leadership role in their work, because the assisting programme gave them an opportunity to regularly step out from their self-imposed limitations, into what is possible for them.

Clearly this has happened for Steve and Sandy.


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