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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Where now?

Here's me looking at the US election results, and thinking "Where now?". I'm so disappointed the that more than 50% of the people of the US seem to be following George Bush on a, dare I say, righteous nationalist path, in the same way that Germany followed Hitler.

Can it really be true that so many people are drawn to fear, rather than hope.

Well, there's only one thing for it... to bring some hope into those lives by cleaning up the internet, so I'm starting this blog with true intention, to bring possibility into the world!

Four years ago, I did a course called the Landmark Forum. I got to see war and hatred for what it is: someone being right, and someone else therefore being wrong.

In the Landmark Forum, I got to see that right and wrong is always a matter of opinion... as opposed to being fact/reality.

The Landmark Forum is the experience that blew away my view of what I saw as possible for myself, for those around me, and for the world.

So. My aim is simple. To open up what is possible for the world by moving forward the conversation for what is possible on the internet. And that means... getting what people got out of the Landmark Forum high up in the search engine rankings, rather than having "I'm right, you're wrong" negative rubbish there instead.

So. From here on in, it's time to write up every site I see that has something positive to say about what is possible.

Next on my list is to find sites by people who've done the Landmark Forum, and to review them.

Try starting here: Sites about the Landmark Forum and Landmark Education

That's it for now.

Love Neale


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