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Friday, April 07, 2006

Landmark Reformers

Just a quick note the say that I've just discovered a blog that is close to my heart. 'ML' has written a blog, and started an email group, making a stand for organisational change at Landmark.

I agree. The programmes are magical. The design team does a magnificent job. What seems stuck is in the area of marketing. Surely a good marketing department would be looking at the long term trends of what has people have a positive experience. So far, I've only ever been to two events where the focus was entirely on providing the results on that night. Those events were the 'one evening only' Causing the Miraculous, and Living a Created Life seminars. Everyone left those events with a new found enthusiasm, and probably in a far more receptive space for having someone phone them to offer a place in a future course.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Acknowledging Jamie Oliver in "Jamie's School Dinners"

There is something that has to be said about what Jamie Oliver provided in who he was being as in the Channel 4 television series "Jamie's School Dinners".

Jamie. You let people in to what matters to you, not only around school dinners, but also in being vulnerable enough to allow cameras around the media hassles that you endure.

I acknowledge your commitment; your willingness to look beyond the obvious and to create inventive opportunities around tackling challenging issues with politicians.

You exemplify what it is to create life in your communication.

Nice one son! :O)

And Jules. Yes... we couldn't forget you. The two of you make such a great team. Please do stay in the public eye, making a difference as you both do.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Conversations For Transformation: Essays By Laurence Platt Inspired By The Ideas Of Werner Erhard, And More

Conversations for Transformation is truly amazing. It captures what is really possible when we notice and accept everything about us that is our 'human nature'.

Laurence's writing captures the true power we have over our humanity, and the joy to be had in challenging what we, by default, think is the reality of our lives.

He writes with a clarity that I find quite amazing. My favorites include "BREAKTHROUGH SKYDIVING", "100%: A New Paradigm For Relationship", and "The Friends Of The Landmark Forum".

Some of the material on the site was written as long ago as 1969, the year man first landed on the moon.

A note for those who are wondering who Werner Erhard is. I would describe him as "the father of transformation" (and likewise, the father of The Landmark Forum). It is his methodologies that, back in the 1970's, first gave people and organisations access to creating new paradigms and contexts from which to live and work.

You could say that Landmark Education, and Landmark Education Business Development, are his grandchildren.

More on Werner Erhard can be found at

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Launch of - A site dedicated to people's results from the Landmark Forum

A new site was launched this week, by the same team that created It's called, with the intention of being the biggest site where the world can discover what becomes possible when you rigourously enquire into the past-based ways of being that run your life.

If you're a Landmark Forum graduate, then get in touch with what happened for you, and if you're thinking of doing the Landmark Forum, you can read about people's results, and also find one of the most up to date lists of sites about the Landmark Forum.

And... Happy New Year all.

Love Neale

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Acknowledging Gerry Adams of Sinn Fein

I've just been rather tearfully watching a press conference by Gerry Adams of Sinn Fein, who was talking about progress and the currently stalled talks in the Northern Ireland peace process.

Why I was tearful is that the way in which Gerry Adams spoke came from a new model of communication, where what is possible for the world is for World Leaders to be truly communicating, rather than continuing to be defensive.

It reminded me of when I got to embrace a new model of communication when I did a course called Communication: Access to Power a few years ago.

One of the concepts in Communication: Access to Power, is "Acknowledgement". In the context of a "New Model of Communication" (as explored during the course), "Acknowledgement" can be defined as "Saying what we can all agree to be true, in a way that creates a new future" (rather than what we normally do with our default model of communication, which is to flatter people, probably because we want to get something!).

Acknowledging is what Gerry Adams was doing. He Acknowledged all those IRA soldiers who have fought, and are now willing to take the brave step of giving up their arms and embracing a new future for their children. He Acknowledged all other Republicans for their hard work and courage.

He Acknowledged his "adversaries", the Unionists, and Iain Paisley, for their willingness and courage to find common ground.

So. Here is my acknowledgement for Gerry Adams.

Gerry. You spoke with courage, vulnerability and openness. Your words created a new future for what is possible for peace. All of you involved in the peace process and power sharing arrangements in Northern Ireland are paving the way for global peace. You are leaders, and we acknowledge who you are for the world, and for the people of Northern Ireland. The last 10 years of peace in Northern Ireland have been down to your teamwork. Thankyou.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The site appeared recently, and already has an interesting selection of what people achieved in their life out of the Landmark Team Management And Leadership Program.

Additionally, the site has information about the Landmark Forum, and Landmark Education Communication Curriculum, and promises many more reports from participants about what they achieved from those courses.

Well worth a look, especially as they have an up to date link's page of other sites about the Landmark Forum and Landmark Education.

It'd be nice to see more than one picture though :O)

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Loving possibility ? What's the score

Here's a popular and lively site: ILovePossibility Landmark Forum grads site

It appears to be a portal of news of what is happening around the world among people who are passionate about what they got from the Landmark Forum and other courses by Landmark Education.

What I love about it is that the name is so reflected in the content of the site.

"I Love Possibility" ? It sounds weird at first. People do a course, and get lots of things as possible and start living a life that for me was previously "well that's okay for Richard Branson, but I'm not like him, I'm not blah and I can't get people to do things".

Then what happens:
  • Some people complete the course, tell a few friends and go live a life that is more relaxed and fulfilling than was previously possible.
  • Other's, they get the bug! For them it's "hey, this stuff is great... Imagine what it would be like if everyone got to live from what's possible, rather than self-imposed limitations they made up about themself". They're the people you find at :O)

They also have a great page: Links to Possibility: the latest websites from Landmark Education and by Landmark Forum graduates

Have a look around... it's rather lively!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Review of: Landmark Forum: Not an Answer, An Opening

"Landmark Forum: Not an Answer, An Opening" is a website created by Steve and his family about the impact that the Landmark Forum had on their lives.

It is interesting that he and his wife met while assisting on a Landmark programme. Assisting is something that is held up by people who haven't done the Landmark Forum as being wrong. To me, it is is quite simple. The Landmark Forum costs significantly less than traditional training courses, and it is because people willingly give up their time to assist with courses that this can happen.

But why ?
Because during the course, someone pointed out that there are some people who had given their time for free in order to allow the course to happen in the way that it does. Someone will have suggested that people interested in doing the same, let someone know. The participant was interested and let someone know. Simple eh?

Yes, but what's in it for them ?
Assisting is a training course in it's own right. Entirely different, but still training. People coming from all walks of life do the Landmark Forum, and in assisting, they get to step beyond themselves in supporting other people who are doing the course. There are experienced staff who lead the assisting team, so it provides a safe environment for people to take themselves on.

Typically someone who takes on assisting ends up taking on a leadership role in their work, because the assisting programme gave them an opportunity to regularly step out from their self-imposed limitations, into what is possible for them.

Clearly this has happened for Steve and Sandy.

Other blogs

Here are some other blogs that are growing too:

Where now?

Here's me looking at the US election results, and thinking "Where now?". I'm so disappointed the that more than 50% of the people of the US seem to be following George Bush on a, dare I say, righteous nationalist path, in the same way that Germany followed Hitler.

Can it really be true that so many people are drawn to fear, rather than hope.

Well, there's only one thing for it... to bring some hope into those lives by cleaning up the internet, so I'm starting this blog with true intention, to bring possibility into the world!

Four years ago, I did a course called the Landmark Forum. I got to see war and hatred for what it is: someone being right, and someone else therefore being wrong.

In the Landmark Forum, I got to see that right and wrong is always a matter of opinion... as opposed to being fact/reality.

The Landmark Forum is the experience that blew away my view of what I saw as possible for myself, for those around me, and for the world.

So. My aim is simple. To open up what is possible for the world by moving forward the conversation for what is possible on the internet. And that means... getting what people got out of the Landmark Forum high up in the search engine rankings, rather than having "I'm right, you're wrong" negative rubbish there instead.

So. From here on in, it's time to write up every site I see that has something positive to say about what is possible.

Next on my list is to find sites by people who've done the Landmark Forum, and to review them.

Try starting here: Sites about the Landmark Forum and Landmark Education

That's it for now.

Love Neale