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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Loving possibility ? What's the score

Here's a popular and lively site: ILovePossibility Landmark Forum grads site

It appears to be a portal of news of what is happening around the world among people who are passionate about what they got from the Landmark Forum and other courses by Landmark Education.

What I love about it is that the name is so reflected in the content of the site.

"I Love Possibility" ? It sounds weird at first. People do a course, and get lots of things as possible and start living a life that for me was previously "well that's okay for Richard Branson, but I'm not like him, I'm not blah and I can't get people to do things".

Then what happens:
  • Some people complete the course, tell a few friends and go live a life that is more relaxed and fulfilling than was previously possible.
  • Other's, they get the bug! For them it's "hey, this stuff is great... Imagine what it would be like if everyone got to live from what's possible, rather than self-imposed limitations they made up about themself". They're the people you find at :O)

They also have a great page: Links to Possibility: the latest websites from Landmark Education and by Landmark Forum graduates

Have a look around... it's rather lively!


At 4:36 AM, Blogger Thasa Berbicara Emas said...

I agree Neal, I like the I Love Possibility site too, but I think my blog is better, don't you?
Haiku from The Landmark Forum


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